"The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion."
- Molly Ivins

Maryedith Burrell is Creative Consultant on the documentary RAISE HELL: The Life And Times of Molly Ivins. Directed by Janice Engel, the film garnered rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival 2019. It also won The Audience Award at SXSW 2019, was featured at San Francisco Film Festival, Minneapolis Film Festival, Full Frame Documentary Festival among others and had the honor of closing the AFI Documentary Festival in Washington DC this year. Set for release Fall 2019 with Magnolia Pictures, it is coming to a theater near you soon!

RAISE HELL is about best-selling author, journalist and activist Molly Ivins. Often compared to Mark Twain, Molly was a six-foot Texas redhead whose razor-sharp wit always spoke truth to power. She was a prolific writer, popular guest on TV and radio, tireless promoter of the ACLU and never ceased to encourage her constituents to raise hell and fight for freedom. Molly's voice is needed now more than ever. For the latest info on RAISE HELL check out the website.



  • WCU – Adjunct Professor “Producing,” “Documentary,” "Filmmakers on Filmmaking," & “Playwriting”

  • Flatiron Writers – “Adaptation” “Sketch Comedy,” “Prose to Picture”

  • UNCA – Guest Lecturer “Presentation Workshop” & “Working in Live TV”

  • The New York Studio for Stage and Screen - Head of the Screenwriting Program

  • Warren Wilson College – Guest Lecturer “Page To Podium”

  • Carolina Film Institute - Professor “Screenwriting”

  • Great Smokies Writing Program – “Screenwriting," "Presentation Workshop," "Dramatic Storytelling"

  • Santa Catalina School for Girls - "The Art of Losing"

  • Asheville Writers In The Schools – Artist-in-Residence

  • The Getty Museum - "Villa Play Series Lectures"

  • The Los Angeles Natural History Museum – “LA Live!”

  • Radio Club LA – Teacher/Founder

RECENT projects

Robin Williams: Behind Closed Doors

Documentary. "Robin Williams: Behind Closed Doors" gives viewers an intimate look at his life from his childhood in the suburbs of Chicago to small comedy clubs in Los Angeles.

#OUCH! NYC.jpg

"She’s testing the solo-show waters with “#OUCH! An Accidental Comedy.” If it’s got a fragment of the bite of her “Praise Satan Club” sketch, I’m there."
- Scott Heller, New York Times

"I don't want to spoil too much, but this brutally honest, and riotously funny show, takes you on a personal journey that includes a deep and scary look at the truth about the insurance industry, and the evils they do. From $1000 tubes of 2 ounces of cream rub for a mystery rash, to a Jesus-selling housekeeper, this is something that is pure sitcom material, delivered perfectly and personally by a master of the medium."
- Jeff Messer, Host of the Jeff Messer Show

#OUCH: An Accidental Comedy is one woman’s surreal adventure in the modern American health care system. This sidesplitting comedy is personal and hilariously subversive. From the police that won’t lift her out of the mud to the born-again nurse who thinks sitting on a bedpan is a come-to-Jesus moment, this multi-media show is an entertaining cautionary tale.  

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